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What does the term generic mean and what are generic drugs?

The term generic is used to refer to products that are chemically identical to the original but are sold under another name.
Generic drugs are legitimate medicine but cost a lot less than the brand name drugs. They work exactly the same way as their branded counterpart. The only difference is in the name colour and shape. The pricing is different too. Read more

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Features Articles

Erectile Dysfunction: How to Diagnose If You Are Suffering from It?

So if you are having trouble determining whether you or your male partner is having erection problems, there are sure ways to detect if you have ED... Read more

Understanding the Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction does not just happen overnight. It can occur from successive events or disruptions internally in the body. Read more.
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Top 5 Medications for Erectile Dysfunction

There are effective drugs as well as some medication for treating ED and determining its underlying causes. Among the five most effective treatments in correcting erectile dysfunction include the following... Read more

Treating Erectile Dysfunction Naturally with Herbs

When taken as part of a holistic treatment approach to erectile dysfunction, natural herbs and their supplements can definitely be beneficial. Read on to find out more about these natural wonders... Read more

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